Whether you need to x-ray something as small as an item of mail or want to x-ray a sea-freight 20- foot or 40-foot cargo container, Axitech has your perfect solution!

We offer a wide range of security x-ray systems suitable for mail and small parcel, large baggage, cargo, container and vehicle x-ray scanning. Our product offering also includes a compact desktop X-ray Scanner and mattress x-ray scanner to detect illegal items in prisons and correctional facilities.

Our products are TSA-approved and CAA certified, making them the ideal solution for national key points like the transportation and aviation industries (airport x-ray scanners), ports, borders and customs, as well as critical infrastructures, cargo depots, distribution warehouses and checkpoints, military bases, law enforcement offices, government buildings, businesses and hotels.

Illegal and contraband items can be detected early as our products offer threat detection, multi-tier login for record keeping and accountability, six colour imaging, threat image projection, supervisor stations, quality and reliability as well as real-time diagnostics.

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