Security guards must protect facilities but often, due to company policy, legislation or lack of training do not have the ability to protect themselves adequately from perpetrators. IProtech offers a unique intelligent protective device that not only works as an effective defence mechanism but also alerts the call centre of an attack and captures essential data for prosecuting offenders at a later stage. This lightweight (~300g), waterproof device that is roughly the size of a mobile phone is simply activated by closing your hand around it. Once activated it does the following:

Intelligent Protection Device 1


Projects a coherent jet spray with a mixture of:

  • Unique DNA marking fluid
  • UV marking
  • Immobilizing pepper concentrate
  • Unique scent detectable by specially trained dogs

Sends data to a call centre including:

  • Captured photo of attacker
  • GPS position of device (not phone)
  • Time and Date of attack
  • Nearest emergency services

Activates siren to attract attention

Intelligent Protection Device 2