Fotech’s fibre optic-based sensing solution, LiveDETECT, delivers real-time information on perimeter threats and intrusions. Giving security teams the knowledge they need to mount quick and effective responses. Connected to standard fibre optic cables deployed along the fence perimeter, LiveDETECT’s Helios Distributed Acoustic Sensor (DAS) technology continuously monitors all acoustic events and vibrations occurring along the fibre. Using advanced detection algorithms LiveDETECT intuitively identifies and discriminates threats from complex background activities to give security teams accurate and actionable information in real-time.

The solution is calibrated to deliver high confidence alarms when attempts to breach a fence or wall are made. These third-party intrusion (TPI) events are detected when the fibre cable is disturbed by vibrations generated from:

  • Personnel movement
  • Fence cutting
  • Fence climbing
  • Placement and use of ladders

LiveDETECT operates on all types of security fence, including chain link, welded mesh and palisade, to deliver a comprehensive fence perimeter monitoring solution, which can act as a stand-alone solution or be integrated with complementary sensors in a unified security platform.

Key Benefits

  • Improved sensitivity with latest generation of Helios DAS technology
  • Pinpoints the precise location of intrusion events to within 2 meters*
  • High availability monitoring around the whole perimeter, across all terrains and in all environments, across a wide range of temperatures
  • Optimised to the local conditions and for the client’s detection requirements
  • Discriminates real threats from complex background noise to minimise false positives
  • Listen to events disturbing the fibre in real-time, or in post event analysis with the EDAM system
  • Low through life maintenance costs
  • No electronics required in the field
  • Be confident knowing your perimeter fence is protected by a robust, reliable and proven technology.
    * Location accuracy depends on cable configuration, fence design


  • Detects fence climbing, tampering and intrusion
  • Delivered as a fully configured, integrated and pre-tested system for rapid on-site deployment
  • Real-time alarm presentation and management
  • User configurable alarm escalation system
  • Historical alarm storage for post event analysis
  • System management including health monitoring
  • Dual-channel configurations available with LiveDETECT II for fibre cut redundancy
  • Up to 50km* of monitoring from a single channel
  • Fibre immune to RFI/EMI and intrinsically safe