More and more businesses and institutions are using CCTV solutions as the first step towards lowering risk, preventing loss and protecting their assets.

Axitech has proudly partnered with Detec AS, a trusted and leading Video Surveillance specialist, and with their extensive range of products and software, can offer comprehensive, integrated and reliable products and monitoring systems.
Using both proprietary hardware and products from reputable suppliers such as Sony, Hikvision and Arecont Vision, the Detec Next Video Management Software provides high-level detection algorithms for image recognition, object recognition and motion detection. PC-based Network Video Recorders (PC-NVRs), using IP cameras provides a real-time remote CCTV monitoring and analytics solutions.

Our CCTV solutions provide trusted Video Management Systems (VMS) for the following sectors:

  • Private, Public, Commercial, Industrial and National Key Point use, Including:
    • Banking
    • Retail
    • Healthcare
    • Harbour
    • Logistics
    • Forestry
    • Critical infrastructure
    • Marine and Vessel
    • Swimming Pools and
    • The Petrochemical industry