Whether you’re a large business looking for an Enterprise Security Management System or a small business needing a Time and Attendance ready solution, Axitech has a product to suit every need.

Access Control Systems secure your surroundings, products and staff while offering Time and Attendance logging and tracking. Using the very latest in swipe card access, fingerprint readers, photo ID badging, biometric scanning, elevator control, automated guard tour and visitor management systems, our products offer reliable and accurate information. Our range of premises Access Control Systems are designed to be fully integrated with surveillance systems and utilising the latest Microsoft platform, can be tracked in real-time; delivering responsive, reliable reporting on desktop, server and over the web.

We are proud to offer products that are rugged, durable and able to be installed in the most challenging environments.

Featured Products:

  • AxiomV Enterprise Access Control products
  • Integra32 Stand-Alone Door Access Capability
  • AWID Proximity Reader/ Keypad & Card Readers 125kHz Proximity Reader
  • Biometrics Systems IP65

axiomv diagram

axiomv diagram3

Integra32 diagram

Integra32 diagram2