Create a powerful visual experience with our videowalls. Illustrating video content more smoothly and with the least amount of visual interference, our displays come with UNB (Ultra Narrow Bezel) and XNB (Extra Narrow Bezel) designs. These video wall systems offer an integrated solution driven by high resolution displays and powerful processing power. With Vestel video walls displaying dynamic content to fit virtually any shape and size is easy. These systems typically require very little maintenance is reliable and resilient and offers exceptional quality display. Our videos wall offers a variety of features and benefits including:

vestel 1

  • 47”, 49”, and 55” DLED screens
  • Contrast Ratio that varies from 1400:1 to 1M:1
  • Indoor and outdoor display solutions
  • Response times between 8-12ms
  • Frequency ranges between 67.5KHZ - 74.25MHZ
  • 178° viewing angle
  • Videowall setup with Daisy-Chain
  • Open Content Management Support
  • Vsign Software
  • Manual Fine Colour Calibration
  • Videowall Scheduler
  • Auto-Launch
  • Auto-switch on Failover, Panel Lock

vestel 2

vestel 3

High Definition Picture

Create a seamless and striking visual experience with our Video Wall displays. Offering 500-700 Nit options, our monitors can display your content in picture perfect resolution, whatever the lighting conditions.

Display Port - Daisy Chain

Reduce cost and maximize video quality with Vestel’s new line of Video Wall displays. Using Display Port 1.2a-enabled screens, Vestel offers a daisy chain solution that cuts the cost of installation, cabling and maintenance. This daisy chained monitor set up also ensures a more immersive viewing experience.

vestel 4

vestel 5

Landscape and Portrait Mode

Our Video Walls can be displayed in either landscape or portrait mode. Vestel’s 24/7 professional displays not only allow for installation in portrait mode, but also for additional display protection. The displays’ Pixel Shifting feature reduces the risk of any on-screen imagery sticking.

Ultra / Extra Narrow Bezel

Reducing the gap between each display area, Vestel’s designs help to create a seamless overall on-screen image with 3,5 mm and 1,5 mm bezel to bezel gaps.