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Welcome to Axitech. We wholesale and distribute leading edge security products to trade installers. These products are so versatile/scalable that they can be used to secure any facility from a warehouse to a military installation read more



Our RBH Access products offer complete access control.
This range of innovative products can secure any size area and is not only scalable, but offers state-of-the-art biometric scanning features as well.
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Make sure that your company assets are protected. With our range of BSMart products we can offer telemetry tracking to ensure vehicles accounted for and with our Wave Trend products we can ensure assets such as laptops cannot be removed from your premises without your knowledge. Read more


When it comes to CCTV and surveillance, our DETEC products offers everything you need. With full network flexibility, user-friendly software, high quality imaging and a range of other features, you wont need anything else.
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We offer a comprehensive range of detection devices including, metal detectors, and x-ray machines.
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